David & Debbie Day, www.cefnwa  Good News Clubs.  On-line training Deb is providing. Dave becoming a certified Instructor of Trainer’s Level 1. For the schools reopening under the Covid-19 restrictions. Trainings in churches is on-going.  Grandchildren may be placed back with their mother in March.  Pray for the transition.

Midwest Messianic Center -15517 Canyon View Ct., Chesterfield, MO  63017, lennoxc@aolcom, Outreach to new contacts. Pray for special couple to join the ministry. Salvation for G, C, H, S, K, L, S, J, T, D, A, “E”. Please note, a new one has been added. Please pray that the conversations with the un- saved people will continue and deepen. Please pray that more opportunities will open up to speak in churches and to personally visit people. Praise the Lord that just under $19.000 of the $36.500 has come in as a result of the generosity of so many of you. We are still short, but we still have the rest of December for people to help out. 2. Praise for the excellent results and effective- ness of our radio ministry. We have been on the air since 1990! Thirty years!  Salvation for G, C, H, S, K, L, S, J, T, D, A.  Please pray that the conversations with the un-saved people will continue and deepen.  Please pray that more opportunities will open up to speak in churches and to personally visit.

Harry & Eileen Bettig , Trans World Radio

  • Eileen: Wisdom for as she finalizes plans for a challenging day of meetings to be held 1/15. For God’s insight and clear direction, that I can clearly hear from Him. For participants to have receptive and changed hearts.
  • For God’s clear direction also in leading a full-Zoom Ministry Partnership Development training (Eileen) with 16 participants Jan. 26-29.
  • Harry: May God grant me wisdom in working on some current Thru the Bible/TTB projects in southeast Asia that need development and improvement. I am working with TWR leaders for that part of the world and the TTB president to come up with a good plan of action that would be satisfactory for both organizations.

Guy & Keyla Burkhead -   Ethnos 360, 30 N 13th, Canton, IL  (cell -309 678 2896 )   To manage their time in the USA well.  Coworkers, Aaron and Amy, as they are just reentering the village and for their encouragement as they are there alone.  Pray that God would use this time to speak to the Glaro that are helping them. Continued development of language skills. Victory and light over the spiritual darkness of spirit/ancestor worship engrained in the village’s people.

Dave & Deloris Bauer – Bible Related Ministries, PO Box 272 Hinsdale, IL,,    Requesting faithful prayers for pastors and their staff.   Pray that they can meet the challenges of reopening with Covid-19.  Pray for creativity in serving our Lord during this time.  Working on church mergers.

 Takugi Yamasaki-sensei  Japan   Started on-line sermons due to C19. Open doors and for their children’s relationships with God.  On-going outreach from the Christmas concerts.

 William Wood’s Mission to Russia – check this ministry out on Facebook.  Simeon continues to help the locals with projects like welding and hauling items for them.  Support.  Under Pastor Andre's shepherding, the Don church is currently studying "Lessons from the Life of Moses. William's condition remains the same.  PTL –recent opportunities to develop relationships with local PD.

Tri-State Family Services – 603 Walnut St, Carthage, IL  (217 357-3343)  Volunteers needed.  Continual need for food, clothing, and monetary donations. PTL- busy at center.  Women choosing to have their babies.  Wisdom as they provide studies and counseling for the women who come in.

Nauvoo Christian Visitor’s Center – MTM, PO Box 93, Nauvoo, IL,  PTL – new website.  Developing a YouTube channel.  This channel promises a much wider reach for the ministry. Pray for the LDS people to have open minds and hearts.

 Faith Bible Camp, Dave Hartwig- Director, 849 Knox Road 2200 E, Yates City, IL.    Wisdom and safety of campers and staff. Finances. PTL - $75,000 donated for expansion of the dining hall.  PTL- bathroom in nurses’ cabin paid for.

Kerry & Terri Psinas  IGM Missionaries to Grenada, West Indies, PO 1168, Pekin, IL  61555,    Seeking a time to come to Grace Bible Church.  In the states working.  Praying construction of church will proceed. PTL – all the money needed has been raised.  Safety as they travel speaking in churches and sharing the Grenada ministry.  Pray that these meetings take place as planned.

Jed & Katie Carter, Papua New Guinea   Jed is the crisis manager for their area; therefore, COVID has been all-consuming this past year.  Pray for balance as the couple wears many hats within the mission and meeting their own family’s needs. Pray he can focus on the people and be an effective disciple-maker.  Pray for the editing process of the survey reports.  Pray lessons learned would stick.  Doing language assessment, communications, and crisis management.

Lift FM 90.9Keokuk, Iowa   Effective outreach and ministry of encouragement.  Need for income/funds.

7 Rivers Outreach is in partnership with a local South African church and working in transforming a community through a Zulu church plant and a 100-acre farm which provides micro-enterprise opportunities, training, and leadership development for Zulu pastors.  We support two sets of missionaries to this ministry.

-Dan & Debbie Willoughby,    PTL –have new pastor and his wife.  PTL – wedding of a God-honoring Zulu couple’s marriage.  PTL – six people recently baptized.  Pray for their growth to continue. PTL last module of the hermeneutics has been completed.  PTL for books coming to the seminary.  Pray its accreditation goes through soon.

-Fifi Smith  - Protection, open doors as she works with children and does home visits.  She is mentoring young girls in her community.  PTL – Experiencing God’s comfort and peace.  Keeping people alive with food distribution. Support.