Meet the Enemy

Meet the Enemy

August 14, 2020

    Who is our enemy?

    Ezekiel 28:2,9,11-19

    God begins and ends talking about the arrogant and rich king of Tyre to help us understand the nature of Satan.  Do you know anyone who is arrogant and materialistic?  That person is the very picture of Satan.

    Isa 14:12-19

    God uses the language from Ancient Near Eastern mythology about the great sun god defeating the weaker morning star, Venus.

    Rev  12:3-4

    What are Satan’s (angelic) abilities?


    Gen 3:1  Satan convinces us the physical is of greater importance than the spiritual.

    1 Kings 22:21-23  God mostly thwarts, but sometimes allows demonic deception.

    John 8:44  A lie, any lie is the Devil’s native tongue.


    John 10:10;  John 13:27; Job 1:19

    Physical harm: 

    Job 2:7;  2 Cor 12:7

    Supernatural power:

    Mt 28:2  Rolled away the stone

    2 Peter 2:11 More powerful than we are!

    1 John 5:19  The whole world!  “lies” means to “grab with intent to harm”


    Our God is greater!

    Luke 10:17-20  Is your name in the book of life?

    1 John 4:4  If so, then the power of the Holy Spirit dwells within you!

    Rom 16:20

    You might not recognize me now
    Those  chains that once surrounded me are laying on the ground
    You  can’t keep digging up my past
    You may have had a laugh or two but you don’t get the last
    You might not recognize me now

    Maybe  I was blind but now I see
    Maybe  I was bound but now I’m free
    Maybe you need reminding
    You’re  under my feet
    Maybe you’re a lie that I don’t need
    Maybe you should listen when I speak
    Maybe you need reminding
    You’re  under my feet




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